Lord Axim of Ryme is the commander of the elite bodyguard regiment of King Alin IV of Durenor, this Durenese knight is described as a 'champion swordsman'. He first appears in Fire on the Water, where he meets Lone Wolf in the tunnel of Tarnalin and escorts him to Hammerdal to claim the Sommerswerd. He then sets sail with Lone Wolf for Sommerlund at the head of the Durenese fleet, contending with the Death-Hulks of Vonotar the Traitor en route and eventually arriving just in time to lift the Darklord siege of Holmgard.

He also appears in the Lone Wolf graphic novel The Skull of Agarash, riding to the Kai Monastery along with Lord Ardan of Dessi to deliver urgent news of Lord Rimoah's abduction by the notorious buccaneer Captain Khadro.