Called "Doomslayer" by his men, he was a ruthless, renegade Vassagonian noble. Barraka was a formidable warrior with a great strength of will. He had long, greasy, black hair that hung down to his neck a long droopy moustache. He was a huge man with a belly that folds voluminously down over the sash around his waist and had sausage-like limbs underpinned by muscles of steel. His banner depicts a woman's severed head.

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The Chasm of Doom[edit | edit source]

Barraka had destroyed and enslaved Ruanon, taking over the Maaken Mines with the help of a bandit army. He planned to sacrifice Madelon, the daughter of Oren Vanalund, with the Dagger of Vashna to awaken the Undead of the Maakengorge.

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