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    What is this campaign about?

    It's pre-MoD, so that means.....

    • Ruel is nonexistent
    • Forces of Darkness rule the Darklands
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    Rise of Kings currently has the following:

    • North European
    • South European
    • West Asian
    • East Asian
    • African (unused)
    • Ice Barbarians (again, unused),


    • North European
    • Slavic 1 (Drakkarim and Darklands)
    • Slavic 2 (someone else, probably Lunarlian and Lencian)
    • Byzantine (used for some locations, such as the Stornlands?)
    • Moorish (Vassa)
    • Middle Eastern (unused)
    • Asian - used for Chai, Bhanar, others?
    • "Sarmatian" - Telcharian and Ice Barbarian?

    • North European - generic "mediaeval appearance"
    • Drakkar - generally hosts the Drakkar units. Villagers are depicted as poor slave peasants. Ruel, Drakkarim and FoD tend towards this build set.
    • West Asian - Vassa appearance
    • East Asian - Mythenish
    • Lissanian?
    • Telchosian


    • North European
    • Slavic
    • Burgundian
    • Byzantine
    • Moorish
    • Middle Eastern …

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    Rise of the Kai

    August 4, 2015 by VelvetClaw
    Doubt not your purpose nor your strength, for inside you there burns a flame that can light the hopes of future men for all time.’

    "Magnamund. A world of myth and fable, where teeming oceans and tranquil forests coexist with harsh desert and violent volcanism, born out of the epic struggle between the cosmic gods Ishir and Naar. A world on the brink of disaster.

    "For almost eight long centuries, the forces of Naar have been at work, with the intent of erasing all natural life in Magnamund as a sacrifice to their dark master by an infernal blend of technology and sorcery, thwarted only by the death of their greatest champion, Darklord Vashna, in an apocalyptic battle against their mortal foe, the Sommlendings. Magnamund may breathe a sigh of …

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  • VelvetClaw

    • Missile Shield => Tanaz-Tukor
    • Global Prosperity => Relentless Exploitation
    • World Government => Evil Presence
    • AI => Agarashi Manipulation


    (now required to research new levels for units)

    • Leadership
    • Tactics
    • Strategic Doctrine


    • Allegiance
    • Scorched Earth
    • Total War (Drakkarim, Sommerlund, Durenor, Forces of Darkness, Stornlander only)
    • Cener Plague (evil factions only)


    • Suzerainty
    • Direct Taxation
    • Contractual Factorship
    • Slave labour (evil factions only)


    • Theurgical Clergy
    • Sacred Texts
    • Divine Presence (good factions only)

    • Archivists
    • Sorcerors' Guild
    • Occult Recall

    (Dessi only for below)

    • Old Kingdom Heritage
    • Shianti contacts


    • Fortification
    • Psychic Wards
    • Magical Defences

    (this + Occult Recall instantly upgrades the Conclave to the Wizard…

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  • VelvetClaw

    In Kings & Conquerors, the Civic Centre takes the place of the vanilla Library and handles fundamental groundbreaking research, which then feeds into new technologies, buildings and of course new units. Generally, each new game begins with a Civic Centre already set up, so all that is required is to obtain resources required to buy the research the library has to offer.

    There are five paths of research in the Civic Centre: Magic , Commerce , Civic , and Military , as well as three trunk technologies. Each one of them is a prerequisite for further research, which in turn might contribute towards bettering your units and even the stylistic appearance of your faction's buildings!

    Trunk technologies allow your faction to grow and mature as a civil…

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  • VelvetClaw

    Rise of the Kai/Units

    August 3, 2015 by VelvetClaw

    Apart from Rise of Kings, the most common setup is that unlike Rise of Kings, Rise of the Kai has 4 levels of development (Drakkar and Forces of Darkness don't need them).

    The following are to be expected

    • Warriors (heavy spearmen) [1]  => Spearmen [2] => Spear Sergeants [3]
    • Archers [2] => Crossbow infantry [3]
    • Militia [2] => Swordsmen [3] => Heavy swordsmen [4]

    • Charioteers [1] => Cavalry archers or Javelin Cavalry
    • Scout Cavalry [1-2] => Light Cavalry [3]
    • Lancers [1] => Knight [2]
    • Dougga raiders and dougga skirmishers

    Different factions have a separate unique super-heavy cav unit, etc Sinistrari for the Eldenorans, Order of Ilion cavalry? Zagannozod, White Mountain Knights for Durenor, Sun Knights for Sommerlund, Shadakine champion cavalry????.,


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  • VelvetClaw

    How is this mod treated?\

    It borrows heavily from Kings & Conquerors

    Civilian Military
    • Village, town, city (Cities are not available to Drakkarim and Dessi)
    • Civic Centre
    • Council Chamber (trains sages, wizards and Liganim - the sage-wizard units of the Darklords). Can be upgraded to Wizard's Tower, a powerful point defence. Wizard's towers construct airships
    • Peasant dwelling (recruits the local peasantry).
    • Meeting House (can be upgraded to a Palace - see Kings & Conquerors). The Palace trains Kraan and Itikar.
    • Temple (duh)

    • Fortress, Castle, and Citadel
    • Tower, Guard Tower
    • Outpost, stockade - trains Ogron, Drodarin, Bor musketeers, Bor cannon, etc.
    • Nobles' Court (replaces the stable and recruits elite units).
    • Barracks, Fortified Barracks
    • Siege Workshop. In…

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  • VelvetClaw

    Rise of the Kai/Factions

    February 10, 2013 by VelvetClaw

    A mod for Rise of Nations based off the Lone Wolf Mythos.

    • Sommerlund - possibly British?
    • Durenor - Americans

    • Anarian League - Firalond, Lourden, Kakush as allies
    • Dessi - Greeks
    • Vassagonia - Nubia or

    • Talestria - ????
    • Lencian League - ????
    • Stornland Confederacy -France?
    • Lyris
    • Palmyrion - Bantu
    • Siyen
    • Magador

    • Chai
    • Bhanar

    • Shadakine - Lakota
    • Talestria

    • Drakkarim - Aztecs
    • Ruel - Turks
    • Forces of Darkness - Russians!
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