A magic gem found in the Plane of Darkness in the domain of Nza'pok, embued with magic powers opposed to those of Huanzhor.

Gamebook rules Edit


In the domain of Nza'pok, choose to investigate the ridge; to obtain the Blue Diamond, you need Telegnosis and the rank of Grand Thane or higher (i.e. you cleared at least 5 of the previous 7 Grand Master adventures).

If you don't have that discipline or if you didn't reach that rank, you'd better take the other route and obtain the Muntaag Honey instead.


In the domain of Huanzhor, it will come in handy up to three times.

  • it increases the Platinum Amulet protection, allowing to save 4 Endurance points;
  • it removes a magic barrier, allowing to avoid a riddle;
  • if you are forced to fight Huan'Zhor himself, it enhances your Combat Skill +3.

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