Cadak (or Archdruid Cadak) is a tall man with sharp features and a mane of flowing platinum hair. He is a worshipper of Shamath, and was the head of the order of Cener Druids during the attempt to brew a second deadly plague to wipe out the forces of good from Magnamund. He later masterminded a plan to lure Lone Wolf to the former Darklord city of Kaag, where he was holding Lone Wolf's friend Banedon captive. Cadak also attempted to resurrect the Darklord Vashna from the Maakengorge, but was killed during Lone Wolf's successful attempt to thwart him.

Finally, in The Curse of Naar, Lone Wolf faces Cadak's spirit again in the evil god's kingdom. Cadak attacks him psychically, but to no avail. After that, he tries to deceive Lone Wolf by claiming he is repentant, and offers Lone Wolf a ring that he claims will allow Lone Wolf to leave the realm of the Kunae. The ring is actually a giant worm in disguise, and accepting it is fatal.

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