Lone Wolf

Walkthrough criteria[]

The gamebook can be completed in many different ways. This walkthrough is compiled according to the following criteria, in order of importance:

  1. minimal starting requirements: assume this is the first adventure played (3 Magnakai disciplines, no items from previous books); combat skill 14 and endurance 24 (average, rounded down).
  2. collect and use as many items as possible;
  3. avoid combat as much as possible, especially the strongest enemies;
  4. see as many illustrations as possible.

Getting started[]

Suggested Magnakai disciplines[]

  1. Invisibility
  2. Divination
  3. Curing or Weaponmastery with bow and sword

Suggested equipment[]

Choose any 5 of the following:

Weapons (1) Bow & arrows (2) Items (2)
  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Dagger
  • Bow
  • Quiver (with 6 arrows)
  • Lantern! (unless you have a Kalte Firesphere)
  • Potion of Laumspur
  • 3 Fireseeds
  • 3 meals (avoid: there is only one section that requires eating, and it can be avoided)
  • Rope (avoid: a rope will be found along this walkthrough)

The bow and quiver have limited use. Following this walkthrough, you will lose all arrows before you are asked to shoot any.

Gold crowns are not needed here, so you can get some and store for the next adventure.

Useful items from previous gamebooks[]

  • Sommerswerd: CS+8, it is specifically mentioned in a few instances, but you actually get punished twice for having it.
  • Kalte Firesphere: better than the lantern, but unnecessary along this walkthrough.
  • Chainmail Waistcoat (found in book 4; special item): +4 EP.
  • Padded Leather Waistcoat (found in books 3 and 6; special item): +2 EP.

Other items include the Silver helmet (but you will find a plain helmet here), the shield (but you will find another one here), and the Silver Bow of Duadon (but you will hardly need to shoot arrows).

Walkthrough notes:[]

  1. There are several options that will lead you to instant-death results. These will be pointed out indirectly in italicized text.
  2. The discipline of Curing is a life saver here. If you are required to fight creatures with venom attacks, this discipline prevents you from doubling your Endurance points losses.
  3. At the end of the adventure, your backpack will be destroyed, so you should store any unnecessary backpack items (in particular Potions of Alether) for future use. The fights in this adventure are not particularly hard, so you can get away without them.
  4. There are several approaches that you can try out in the first two-thirds of the adventure, but for the sake of keeping combat to the minimum and navigating through with a low risk, we recommend the approach below provided you are armed with the suggested Magnakai disciplines. Feel free to experiment and try out the other routes at your own leisure.
  5. This is the last opportunity to find a Shield, which you should definitely prioritize for future books if you don't already have one.


The book paths have three mandatory nodes:

  1. Section 165 (illus. 10): Lone Wolf is captured and condemned to the Maze.
  2. Section 100 (illus. 6): riddle of the Vassagonian statue.
  3. Section 282: tapestry room.

Therefore, the book can be divided in four parts:

  • Part A: the outer castle;
  • Part B: the early maze;
  • Part C: escaping from the maze;
  • Part D: the final act.

Part A: the outer castle[]

001. There are two ways to reach the island unharmed. If you have the discipline of Invisibility, choose to land at the east sheltered bay, run from the rats, then use said discipline to avoid the Zagothal salamander. If you have the discipline of Divination instead, choose to land at the west jetty, use the latter discipline, and then close your eyes.

  • Divination path: descend to the beach; step on the stones to avoid the scorching sand, and get inside the fissure; use the lantern (or the Kalte Firesphere).
  • Invisibility path 1: enter the fissure; use the lantern (or the Kalte Firesphere); you can examine the door, but since you lack the Gold Key (the Zagothal salamander was too strong), press on.
  • Invisibility path 2: continue along the beach; cross the bridge; avoid the stairs and continue along the beach; enter the cave and use the lantern (or the Kalte Firesphere).

193/049. Avoid walking on the marble slab. If you prod it with a weapon, you will discover the "snake number".

127. Examine the body remains, and get a rope and a red robe. Continue along the tunnel.

318. Enter the room, and get a shield (CS+2) and a diamond. Also, you can learn the "snake number".

011. The discipline of Pathmanship gives the clue to solve the puzzle. However, it is better to fail: you will avoid several enemies, and you will only miss a normal spear and broadsword.

164. You end up in the nest of a giant Hactaraton snake. Evade as soon as you can, then examine the eggs for a series of useful items: a potion of laumpsur, a blanket, a waistcoat and a helmet (the bottle of wine is useless). There is a chance that the snake eggs open, but the discipline of Invisibility will protect you.

346. Hide behind a pillar and see what the warriors do. When they leave, you can examine the sarcophagus and use the "snake number", but stay out of the secret door! Instead, take either tunnel, avoid the red light, examine the tapestries that you will find, and get a second diamond.

This is as far as you can get before you get captured.

Part B: the upper maze[]

111. If you have a rope (you should) and Divination (or Psi-Screen), use them both to get the sword. Then, take the left tunnel.

298. Use your newfound sword to get past the bubbles.

151/145. Use the discipline of Divination (or Psi-Screen) (following this walkthrough you missed the bottle of water and the flask of wine; you should have a bottle of wine, though). The invisible whipmaster (CS=24) is better avoided, even if it would allow you to use an item (either the red robe or the blanket) and get a new one (the silver whistle).

Part C: escape from the maze[]

100. You can solve the riddle using high-school mathematics. Otherwise, you will need either a Skeleton Key, the Nexus discipline, or the vial of Sabito pills (therefore, the Curing discipline);

Say Y represents sons, X represents daughters.

"As many sisters as she has brothers" meaning that excluding the first daughter, the number of sons is equivalent to the number of daughters.

So Y = (X-1)

"Each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers."

So X = 2(Y-1).

Turn it into algebra:

Y = 2(Y-1) - 1

Y = 2Y - 2 - 1

Y = 2Y - 3

Y + 3 = 2Y

3 = Y

3 = X -1

So we now know that the Zakhan has three sons. Number of daughters or X is 3 + 1 = 4.

Thus, turn to "34": 3 sons, 4 daughters.

172. The giant Oudagorg caterpillar can be instantly killed using the silver whistle, but this enemy is weaker than the one who held the whistle. Alternatively, use the Invisibility discipline or a high-level Animal Control. Once the danger is gone, you can exit the maze by either climbing on the body or using any one of Divination, Invisibility, or Pathmanship in the next room.

294/228. Choose the passage to the right, towards the guard room.

036. Avoid the dozen guards, and fight the lone crossbowman. Then, examine the tapestries to discover a concealed door.

Part D: the final act[]

074. Enter the door and get the platinum amulet, concentrated Laumspur, as well as any weapon you lost. The platinum amulet will be useful straight away.

024. First of all, destroy the black crystal, because it protects the Lorestone. Grab the object of your quest, and forget about the fleeing Lord Zahda: he is doomed anyway.

250. Ignore the stairs and follow the corridor. Avoid the water: it is boiling hot. You will lose your backpack now, one step from the end.

Walkthrough for high-level characters[]

A "high-level character" is one that has completed all the adventures prior to this one, and thus has a series of bonuses: the Sommerswerd (LW n.2), the Silver Helmet (LW n.3), the Silver Bow of Duadon (LW n.6), a shield, Weaponskill with sword and Mindblast. Such character can have a bonus to Combat Skill +14, +16 including the Mindblast.

Changes to the walkthrough above:

  • Start with an empty backpack (leave all your backpack items in Elzian, where you can get them back after the adventure).
  • On the beach, kill the Zagothal salamander (CS=28). You get a gold key.
  • In order to use the gold key, swim across the gully (you will lose 5 EP, two backpack items, and all meals). Avoid fighting the eye, then jump on the stones to avoid the scorching sand, and enter the fissure. Use a light source, examine the stone door, then use the gold key which gets you a normal spear and quarterstaff. Enter the east tunnel, and follow it to the pit trap. This entire process is useless as you miss a puzzle, some treasure (red robe, rope, 6 GC, shield, short sword, diamond, spear, and broadsword) and lose some of your own. Its not even a shortcut as there are shorter and safer paths. The gold key is essentially a red herring.
  • After escaping the Hactaraton snake lair, attack the group of Zahda beastmen (CS=30). Obtain the Adgana herbs and 4 arrows. Use the snake number end enter the secret door. Attack the three beastmen with a hand weapon, so you can get the skeleton key and the (useless) parchment. Shoot an arrow at the next beastman. If you kill him, go east to get a diamond from the tapestry.
  • In the maze, stand and fight the invisible whipmaster: get the silver whistle, and use it against the next monster.
  • When you reach Lord Zahda's throne, feel free to attack him with the Sommerswerd (Zahda gets a bonus CS +8), and you can use the Adgana herbs.


Enemy roster[]

Lone Wolf's average combat skill (rounded down) is 14. Any enemy with combat skill 18 or higher is dangerously strong, and better avoided.

Enemy CS EP Part,
Flood of giant rats 15 (-01) 80 A.045 (ill.03) LW -42 EP.
Evade after three rounds: LW -9 EP
Zagothal (salamander) 29 (-15) 28 A.221 (ill.13) Must evade: LW -14 EP after two rounds. Invisibility discipline allows you to evade without any damage.
Black lakeweed 10 (+04) 50 A.325 Underwater fight: you lose 2 extra EP per round. LW -24 EP
Lekhor (sea serpent) 16 (-02) 30 A.076 (ill.12) Venomous: you suffer triple damage. LW -45 EP
Trap-webs 14 34 A.093
Oudakon (illusion) 20 29 A.027 (ill.02)
Vampire bats 19 32 A.285 (ill.01) Venomous: you suffer double damage, unless you have Curing
Tunnel door 19 50 A.214
Dhax 20-27 26-35 A.249 (ill.14)
Giant fist 10 42 A.280 (ill.16)
Hactaraton (giant snake) 20-22 (-6/-8) 45-60 A.301
Venomous: double all damage suffered, unless you have Curing discipline. Evade after 4 rounds.
Hactaraton brood 15 28 A.178 (ill.04) Venomous: double all damage suffered, unless you have Curing discipline. A fireseed or the Invisibility discipline allows you to avoid the fight.
3 Zahda beastmen 28 (-14) 35 A.319 (ill.07)
Zahda beastmen 28-30 35-39
Hound of death 22 40
Flame-man 14 40
Rahkos 18 30
Invisible whipmaster 24 (-8) 26 B.257 CS +1 if you possess a red robe or a blanket. CS -2 unless you have Huntmastery. You can get the silver whistle if you defeat it.
Oudagorg (giant caterpillar) 17 (-3) 17 C. 233 It suffers double damage if you use Mindblast or Psi-Surge. Can be avoided using the silver whistle, Invisibility or high-level Animal Control.
Beastman gaoler 17 22 C.142 (ill.08)
2 beastman gaolers 16-17 23+21 C.212
Throne-hall guard 14 22 C.081
Lord Zahda 23-33 45 D.018
Immune to Mindblast only. Destroy the black crystal to weaken him the most. He gets strongest if you wield the Sommerswerd.

Item list[]

Sorting the tables by "Use" column, they will be automatically grouped into "Good!", "Optional" and "Useless" items.

Special items[]

Item Part, section Use
Fireseed A.000. Starting equipment. Optional. Use it to defeat an enemy on the beach (sect. 342) if you lack Psi-Screen, or to avoid some baby snakes.
Power-key A.001. Beginning of the adventure. Good. Plot item that always remains with Lone Wolf.
Shield A.262. After the dead Kakush man, continue along the tunnel and enter the next room. Good! Combat skill +2.
Diamond A.073. Found in the same room as the (useful) shield; Useless. Anyway, it is found together with the snake-parchment clue.
Padded leather waistcoat
and Helmet
A.148. Fight a giant snake (CS=22) for at least 4 turns, or use high-level Animal Control. Optional. Each one of them increases total endurance +2. They are found together with some backpack items.
Diamond A.305. Avoid the secret door of the "snake number" Useless
Silver whistle B.186. Defeat the invisible whipmaster (CS=24) Good! Instantly defeats a giant caterpillar (CS=17), if you lack a high-level Animal Control.
Platinum amulet D.015. Right after the tapestry room, enter the door inthe corridor Good! Protects from high temperatures. Used right after it is found, if you lack Nexus.
~~ Missed along this walkthrough ~~
Gold key A.271. Fight and defeat the Zagothal salamander (CS=28), one of the strongest enemies in this adventure. Optional. It is very hard to obtain, and it makes you miss the useful Shield.
Power-key A.227. Useless. You already have one. Furthermore, if you get here, you miss a set of more useful items.
Skeleton key
and parchment
A.031. Enter the passage revealed by the "snake number". After you get these items, you will have to face a group of Zahda beastmen (CS=30). Optional. The key is used if you are unable to solve the riddle of the statue. It is also useful (but replaceable) in The Dungeons of Torgar. The parchment is useless.

Backpack items[]

Note that you will lose all backpack items at the end of the adventure.

Item Part,
Red robe
and Rope
A.199. Good! The red robe (or the blanket) gives a bonus against the invisible whipmaster. The rope will allow to get a weapon, if you also have Divination or Psi-Screen. Furthermore, they are on the way towards the even more useful shield.
Potion of Laumspur,
and Bottle of wine
A.148. Fight a giant snake (CS=22) for at least 4 rounds, or use high-level Animal Control. Good! The potion of Laumspur restores 4 lost EP. The blanket (or the red robe) gives a bonus against the invisible whipmaster. The bottle of wine is useless.
~~ Missed along this walkthrough ~~
Pouch of Adgana herb
and Flask of wine
A.056. Defeat a group of Zahda's beastmen (CS=28). You need Curing to get the Adgana. Good. The Adgana herb raises CS +6 for one combat. The flask of wine (or the bottle of water) solves a puzzle in the maze.
Vial of blue Sabito pills,
Bottle of water,
and Rope
A.227. If you get here, you miss a set of more useful items. You need Curing to get the Sabito. Optional. The Sabito pills are only useful if you are unable to solve the statue riddle and you lack the skeleton key and you fail other checks. The bottle of water (or the flask of wine) solves a puzzle in the maze. The blanket (or the red robe) gives a bonus against the invisible whipmaster. The rope will allow you to get a weapon, if you also have Divination or Psi-Screen. The bottle of wine is useless.