Magical weapons are critical throughout the Lone Wolf series in turning the tide of battle and war for good or evil.

Weapon Type Obtainable in CS bonus Special effects
Magic Spear Spear Book 2 +0 Can hurt Helghast
Sommerswerd Sword, Shortsword, Broadsword Book 2 +8 Inflicts double damage against undead; deflects magical attacks; can hurt any evil creature (including Darklords); CS+12 vs. Vaxagore
Dagger of Vashna Dagger Book 4 +0 Can hurt Zakhan Kimah, Darklords (CS+7 vs. Kraagenskul, CS+12 vs. Gnaag), and Helghast; repels Crypt Spawn
Jewelled Mace Mace Book 5 +0 CS+5 vs. Dhorgaans and Oudakons; can hurt Helghast
Silver Bow of Duadon Bow Book 6 (n/a) Bonus +3 when shooting arrows
Bronin Warhammer Warhammer Book 6 +1 -
Paido's Sword Sword Book 8 +0 Can hurt Helghast
Bullwhip (n/a) Book 10 +0 CS+2 vs. undead
Ironheart Broadsword Broadsword Book 11 +0 Can hurt Chaos-master (CS+8)
Helshezag Sword Book 12 +5 Lone Wolf's Endurance -1 at every round after the first; can hurt Darklords (CS+7 vs. Kraagenskul, CS+12 vs. Gnaag)
Zejar-Dulaga Arrow Book 12 (n/a) Kills Darklord Taktaal
Deathstaff (n/a) Book 16 +10 Lone Wolf loses Endurance points after the fight
Dessi Stone (n/a) Book 17 +0 Merges with a Weapon, making it inflict double damage against undead
Power Spike Dagger Book 17 +0 Can hurt Deathlord Ixiataaga
Skarn-Ska Sword Book 20 +5 CS+8 vs. undead
Spawnsmite Axe Books 21-28 +5 CS+6 vs. reptilian creatures
Alema Axe Books 21-28 +5 CS+7 vs. undead
Magnara Axe Books 21-28 +5 CS+8 vs. rock or stone
Sunstrike Sword Books 21-28 +5 CS+6 during daytime
Kaistar Sword Books 21-28 +5 CS+7 during nighttime
Valiance Sword Books 21-28 +5 CS+8 vs. magicians and magical creatures
Ulnarias Sword Books 21-28 +5 CS+9 when used underwater
Raumas Broadsword Books 21-28 +5 CS+6 vs. winged creatures
Illuminatus Broadsword Books 21-28 +5 CS+7 when used underground
FireFall Broadsword Books 21-28 +5 CS+8 vs. fire-emitting creatures
Andarin Warhammer Warhammer Book 26 +5 -
Sunderer Axe Book 26 +5 -
Chai Spear Spear Book 28 +1 -

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