The Danarg is a swampy jungle that encompasses the area that was once the crater of a massive volcano controlled by Agarash the Damned. After the Elder Magi defeated him, they turned the danarg crater into a rich fertile paradise and built the Temple of Ohrido there. It then became the center of the Elder Magi civilization during the Age of the Old Kingdoms. The danarg flourished until a plague beset the Elder Magi and decimated their race. Slowly the danarg was consumwed by a creeping mire which swallowed or poisoned all healthy forms of life. The crater became a sanctuary for a host of evil creatures that thrived in the fetid waters. Many of these creatures awoke from lairs deep beneath the crater where they had lain dormant since the defeat of Agarash. The Temple of Ohrido at its center, held a Lorestone at the time that Lone Wolf was questing for it.

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