The Darklands

The Darklands is the region of North-western Magnamund that the Darklords and their minions inhabit. The land used to be inhabited by many creatures during the Golden Age of the Shianti, but they were all wiped out, and even the land, sky and water became unhealthy to all but the Darklords and their creatures.


Arrival of the DarklordsEdit

The Darklords, arriving on the planet Magnamund, found its natural ecology to be toxic to their makeup, and therefore quickly created a realm where the sun never shone and the land was reduced to a kind of toxic wasteland.

Fall of the DarklordsEdit

In the wake of the Darklords destruction, left-handed magicians have attempted to reclaim these lands for natural ecosystems, but it appears that this work will take centuries to accomplish.


The Darklands cover most of Northern Magnamund, and border many nations, including Ixia and Sommerlund, with which they are separated by the Durcrag Mountains.

Major CitiesEdit

Helgedad, Craagmantle, Kaag, Torgar, Mozgoar, Aarnak, Fornost, and others.

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