The Elder Magi are an ancient human-like race from world of Magnamund. This race was instrumental in the completion of Lone Wolfs quest to recover the Lorestones, and later as counselors and assistants to him to counter the threat of the dark God Naar. They are inveterate shape shifters with no physical form.

A human-like race of central Magnamund sent by Kai to destroy the Agarashi Empire. Kai gave the Elder Magi Left-handed magic to help in their fight. In 4570 MS, they wove a spell that put all of the inhabitants of Naaros to sleep. They seized the stolen Lorestones from under Agarash's nose. The Elder Magi eventually defeated the Agarashi after a thousand years' war.

Their race was brought to near extinction by the Cenerese. The Cenerese caused a Great Plague to sweep the land in 2514 MS killing nine out of ten Elder Magi. The Elder Magi were saved from destruction by a group known as the Herbalish. The Magi were known to have helped Lone Wolf on his quest to recover the Lorestones, and later Rimoah acted as his companion and councilor throughout the later books, especially the Grand Master Series.

Elder MagiEdit