The Crystal Star Pendant is the most important item found in this book. It provides no real advantage in future books, but adds a substantial amount to the lore.

Walkthrough criteria Edit

The gamebook can be completed in many different ways. This walkthrough is compiled according to the following criteria, in order of importance:

  1. collect and use as many items as possible;
  2. avoid combat as much as possible, especially the strongest enemies;
  3. see as many illustrations as possible.

Getting started Edit

Suggested disciplines Edit

This adventure can be completed using just these two disciplines:

  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Camouflage

You can choose any three other disciplines. If your combat skill is low, choose Mindblast.

Instead, we recommend NOT to choose Weaponskill, because the chance to find the corresponding weapon is low (see also: #Weapons).

Starting equipment Edit

You start the game with the following items:

  • Axe (weapon)
  • 1 Meal (backpack)
  • X Gold Crowns (pouch; X = random number from 1 to 10)
  • Map of Sommerlund (special item)

Then, you should pick a random number and find one more item:

  • Weapons:
    • 1 = Sword
    • 5 = Mace
    • 7 = Quarterstaff
    • 8 = Spear
    • 0 = Broadsword
  • Backpack items:
    • 3 = 2 Meals
    • 6 = Healing Potion
  • Other items:
    • 2 = Helmet (special item)
    • 4 = Chainmail Waistcoat (special item)
    • 9 = 12 Gold Crowns

Walkthrough Edit

Fryelund forest Edit

(1) Use the Discipline of Sixth Sense and choose to go northeast through foliage.

(131) Meet Banedon, shout a warning, get the Crystal Star Pendant.

(281) Giak ambush: run up the hill and hide in the cave. Defeat the Giaks.  Explore the cave. Come down and push north.

(44) You might lose a weapon here, but will pick up a replacement soon and collect two meals of Laumspur.

(113) Head northeast: you will collect a short sword, a Torch, a Tinderbox

(103) Continue northeast and hack through the undergrowth; you will collect 6 Gold Growns and a tablet of perfumed soap.

(213) Enter the tunnel and use the torch and the tinderbox to fight against the burrowcrawler. After the fight, you'll find a 20 Gold Growns and a dagger.

Toran highway Edit

(157/86/207) The best option is to join the refugees, try to help the children, but then run from fight to a farmhouse: in there, you can get a warhammer and a meal. Leaving the farmhouse, don't join the cavalry, or you'll meet a Gourgaz, the strongest enemy in this gamebook.

(200) Jump onto the caravan and introduce yourself as a Kai Lord. Otherwise, you can use the Discipline of Camouflage and eat one of your meals.

(64) To make sure you don't lose your backpack, take a horse and break through the attacking Doomwolves, then, when you see the Kraan, take cover under the trees. Use the Discipline of Camouflage for a chance to avoid the fight.

Holmgard Edit

(142/153) You are now in view of the capital city of Holmgard. In order to get more items, you should choose to cross the Graveyard of the Ancients; moreover, this visit allows you to get one extra item in Book 3. In the crypt, use the Discipline of Sixth Sense, then go south. In the next room, sit on the throne to get a golden key.

(129) Once you're in the city, just follow the officer: that's by far the best option. Follow the man, and you will be able to immediately meet the king.

Useful items in subsequent adventures Edit

On the other hand, early in Book 2 you will lose the backpack with all its items, and also the chainmail waistcoat.

Appendices Edit

Item list Edit

Items missed following this walkthrough:

  • Silver key (dangerous)
  • Scroll (useless)
  • Message (useless)
  • Vordak Gem (dangerous and useless. Also, it's hard to get: you need to fight a Vordak for it)
  • Potion of Alether (you need to survive a hard fight against the Gourgaz and a Vordak, but even after that there's a 36% chance of death and just a 4% chance to be able to get on the path so you can later find it).
  • Tomb Guardian Gems (useless)

Weapons Edit

Weapons obtained following this walkthrough:

  • Axe: starting equipment.
  • Short sword: found in Fryelund forest.
  • Dagger: found in Fryelund forest.
  • Warhammer: found along the Toran highway.

Weapons missed following this walkthrough:

  • Broadsword: 10% chance as starting equipment.
  • Short Sword: Drakkar ferryman near the Toran highway.
  • Dagger: fight Giaks in Northern Fryelund forest.
  • Warhammer: found in Fryelund forest tree house in exchange for one of your weapons.
  • Sword: Southern Fryelund forest; Prince Pelatar's sword near the Toran highway; caravan on the Toran highway; Last stretch along the highway.
  • Spear: fight Giaks in Northern Fryelund forest; investigate burnt hut in Northern Fryelund forest; Southern Fryelund forest.
  • Quarterstaff: Southern Fryelund forest.
  • Mace: Southern Fryelund forest.

Enemy roster Edit

Default order is according to game progression.

Lone Wolf's average combat skill is 15.

Enemy Section CS EP Notes
Northern Fryelund forest
Giak 55 9 9 You get CS+4
2 Giaks 138,112,136 13 20 (2 enemies merged)
Vordak 342, 283 18 26 Immune to Mindblast; CS-2 unless Mindshield
2 Giaks 336 14 22 (2 enemies merged)
Kraan 17 16 24 -
Burrowcrawler 170 17 7 Immune to Mindblast; CS-3 unless you have Torch
Southern Fryelund forest
Kraan 229 16 25 You get CS-1
Black bear 43 16 10 -
Toran highway
3 Giaks 208 15 13 -
Bodyguard 191, 220 11 21 -
Giak & Doomwolf 72 15 24 -
Gourgaz 255 20 30 Immune to Mindblast
Giak & Doomwolf 340 14 24 -
4 Doomwolves 253 14 90 (4 enemies merged)
Drakkar 246 15 23 -
Vordak 29, 34 17 25 Immune to Mindblast; CS-2 unless Mindshield
Marsh viper 227 16 6 Deadly poison
Holmgard city
Crypt spawn 169 16 16 -
Winged serpent 133 16 18 Immune to Mindblast
2 Giaks 260 12 35 (2 enemies merged)
3 Soldiers 180 13 62 (3 enemies merged)
Madman 63 11 10 -
Robber 231, 339 13 20 -

Illustrations Edit

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