Giaks are the servants of the Darklords of Helgedad. They are human like, with grey skin color and are squat figures. They have yellow eyes, are very strong and can withstand extremes of temperature. They have lustral trachea’s that filter and neutralize inhaled toxins, bifocal retinas that are sensitive to infra-red and normal sunlight and an alimentary canal that is impervious to all non-corrosive poisons. They also have a cartilaginous femur that is twice the strength of a human bone and porous body fat that insulates internal organs from extreme temperatures. They also have the ability to see warm objects radiating in the dark. The Giaks were first used to build Helgedad many centuries ago. The construction was long and torturous and only the strongest giaks survived. The descendants of those survivors are used as soldiers in the Darklord armies. There are several breed of giak with the mountain giak being the most prevalent and most vicious. A weaker breed called Szalls fled from the darklands during the Helgedad construction and populated areas of Northern Magnamund where they coexist with people. Swamp giaks are another breed of giak. They were created by Darklord Vashna to help build Helgedad. They were spawned in vast numbers, and were so common they were killed for torch lighting fluid. They made up the bulk of Darklord infantry. They are not known for either their intelligence or bravery. The giak nerve is swift to break. The term "giak" usually refers to mountain giaks, which were renowned for viciousness. They often made use of Doomwolves for rides.

Giaks have their own language which is also used by most of the Darklords servants. It was a simple, guttural language but there is a written version.

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