A ring of translucent grey crystal.

Type: special item

Found in: book 8 "The Jungle of Horrors"

Used in: book 11 "The Prisoners of Time"

Location Edit

Lone Wolf can find this item in the city of Tharro, in the northern region of the Kingdom of Talestria, in book 8 (The Jungle of Horror). To acquire the ring the best way is to take the Great North Road, enter the city, go north along Hog-Foot Run, and enter the shop. If taking the barge, the only way to get the ring is to lose the Silver Bow of Duadon.

The price of the ring is 120 Lune (or 30 Gold Crowns). If Lone Wolf is unable to afford that price, the shopkeeper will also exchange the Ring for the Silver Helm, the Jewelled Mace, or the Lodestone. The Lodestone is the only item that can be acquired in this adventure.

Location of the lodestone Edit

Type: special item

Found in: book 8 "The Jungle of Horrors"

Used in: book 8 "The Jungle of Horrors"

To acquire this item, Lone Wolf must take the Great North Road, then go to Topham. On the way there is an apparent burial in progress. If Lone Wolf stops to pay his respects to the deceased, the monks reveal themselves as agents of the Darklords who attack at once. After the fight, the Lodestone is found lying on the ground.

Usage Edit

The Grey Crystal Ring gives a +3 bonus to the Combat Skill during psychic combats, that is fighting with the Psi-Surge only, but using neither weapons nor physical items. Lone Wolf discovered this magical ability of the Grey Crystal Ring when some spectral enemies attacked him in the Neverness of the Daziarn.

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