Lone Wolf

Helgedad, ruled by the Darklords is the capital city of the Darklands. A bridge of steel spans the Lake of Blood, which is a kind of spiritual inferno that burns the souls of those who are thrown in, fueling the city with their agony. Deep below the surface, near the level of the Lake of Fire, the Darklords' spawn was bred. It was there in the depths of Helgedad that Magnamund's greatest concentration of evil existed. The Tower of the Damned was the seat of the Archlord in the city.

The vast city-fortress was constructed on a granite island in the middle of the Darklands by Giak slaves of Archlord Vashna, though he never lived to see the city's completion. His successor, Darklord Zagarna, oversaw the final construction, and he also initiated the creation of eight other city-fortresses in the Darklands.

Lone Wolf infiltrated the city in MS 5070, killing Darklord Taktaal and defeating Darklord Gnaag in single combat. He then placed a bomb under the transfusor that powered the Tanoz-Tuk'or, devices that allowed the Darklords to live outside the Darklands and personally lead their hosts in battle. Lone Wolf escaped on the back of Lord Gnaag's Imperial Zlanbeast, and the city of Helgedad was leveled in the resulting explosion.

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