Ixia is a small peninsula in extreme Northwestern Magnamund named for Ixiataaga, a powerful servant of the dark god Naar who conquered the territory thousands of years before the time of Lone Wolf and was thereafter known as the Deathlord. Its capital is Xaagon.

Ixiataaga was defeated by the Elder Magi, who lacked the power to destroy him but were able to place him in a magical prison, which effectively locked his domain frozen in time. Such was the Deathlord's power that when the Darklords began their own conquest of Magnamund, they left the place untouched to avoid disturbing him.

Topography and ClimateEdit

Ixia is an icy, desolate place as a matter of nature that at the time of Lone Wolf had been rendered entirely lifeless by the power of Ixiataaga, whose powers were those of undeath. In the wake of the Deathlord's destruction, such life as could survive the surroundings began to take root once again.

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