A chainmail vest crafted from a black metallic mineral known as Kagonite. The vest is light enough to wear underneath another piece of body armor. Wearing it increases one's combat prowess and endurance.

Acquisition Edit

Lone Wolf can acquire a suit of Kagonite Chainmail from a Drakkar leader in The Masters of Darkness. However, to get to the relevant sections, he needs to fail a random number check that gets easier the higher ranked he is. If he is ranked Archmaster, the chance of 'failure' is only 40%, making the Kagonite Chainmail a relatively hard item to acquire.


  • The chainmail vest is crafted from a metallic mineral called kagonite. It is as light as wood, yet ten times harder than steel. The Darklords use an alloy of kagonite in the manufacture of weapons used by their troops, and it is this alloy which gives the blades of their weapons their black appearance.
  • Wearing this Kagonite Chainmail beneath your tunic will increase your COMBAT SKILL by 3 points and your ENDURANCE by 1 point. Because it is so light, it can be worn beneath any padded or metallic body armour you may possess.
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