Kai Grand Master is the highest position in the hierarchy of the Kai, and is given to the Kai warrior who has mastered all of the Kai and Magnakai disciplines. It was thought to be the most advanced rank a Kai warrior could achieve until Lone Wolf discovered that it is possible to become a Kai Supreme Master after the fall of the Darklords.

At the time of The Plague Lords of Ruel, there was only one Kai Grand Master (Lone Wolf).[1] By the start of the New Order series in MS 5083, there were five Kai Grand Masters (not counting Lone Wolf);[2] by the start of The Storms of Chai in MS 5102, there were at least eight (again not counting Lone Wolf). One of them, Grand Master, is the protagonist of the New Order series. Of the remaining seven, two had died: Bright Star, a friend of Grand Master's, mentioned at the start of Rune War; and Firestone, mentioned in the timeline of notable events in The Storms of Chai. Firestone died in MS 5901 while protecting the royal family of Sommerlund, while Bright Star died in MS 5909 foiling a Shadakine plot to destroy the Kai Monastery on the Isle of Lorn.[3] The surviving Grand Masters were Grand Master, Blazer, Black Hawk, Star Lynx, Steel Hand, and Swift Sword.[4]

In a lethal couple of weeks for Kai Grand Masters, at the end of The Storms of Chai, Lone Wolf states that Black Hawk and Swift Sword have perished,[5] leaving only four living Grand Masters.

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