Lone Wolf

Kai Monastery is spiritual home and training ground of the Order of the Kai. There are two Kai Monasteries, one in Sommerlund and the other in the Isle of Lorn in Southern Magnamund.

Sommerlund Monastery[]

The Tower of the Sun is the tallest tower in the Sommerlund Monastery. It contains the Lore Halls, the Kai Master's Hall and the Grandmaster's Hall. The Kai Masters' Hall is a chamber in the Tower of the Sun, positioned above the Lore Hall of the Spirit and below the Grandmaster's Hall. It contains a plain, wooden throne and green pillars. The Grandmaster's Hall is located in the topmost part of the Tower of the Sun.

The order was founded in MS 3810 by a Baron of Sommerlund who later renamed himself Sun Eagle. He set out on a quest to find all the Lorestones of Nyxator and cultivate his inner talents, to the point where he became a Kai, with many superhuman abilities in fighting, his senses, and the ability to cure himself and others. He founded his monastery at the northwestern corner of Sommerlund near the Durncrag Mountains.

During their long history, the First Order of the Kai was renowned for their defense of Sommerlund, which was a relatively small country, from the Darklords' vast hordes. The Darklords mounted several invasions of Sommerlund over the millennia, which were all repulsed thanks to the Kai. During Darklord Zagarna's invasion in MS 5050, the First Order of the Kai was wiped out after Vonotar the Traitor told Zagarna that the Kai Lords would gather at the monastery for the Feast of Feyhmarn. Lone Wolf was the only survivor. Lone Wolf travelled to Durenor, retrieved the Sommerswerd, and killed Archlord Zagarna. He then set about rebuilding the Kai Monastery and training a New Order of the Kai. This was a laborious process, taking several years, during which Lone Wolf was often not present while questing for the Lorestones of Nyxator. It was only after the defeat of the Darklords that Lone Wolf committed himself to training the next generation of Kai warriors.

The Sommerlund Monastery is mentioned several times in the book series, and features in one: Dawn of the Dragons. While Lone Wolf was away on a quest to vanquish Deathlord Ixiataaga, Naar launched an attack on the monastery. Sommerlund rallied to its defense, but although the monastery was successfully held by the New Order of the Kai, it was kept under close siege by Naar's Lavas. Near the end of Dawn of the Dragons, Lone Wolf returns to the monastery and successfully closes the Shadow Gate that Naar had been using to send his minions to Magnamund, ending the siege.

Isle of Lorn Monastery[]

The Isle of Lorn Monastery is a relatively recent monastery, constructed after the Shianti departed the island for the Plane of Light. Their final act was to bequeath the island to the Order of the Kai. The transfer was facilitated by Grey Star, their emissary. Subsequently, Grey Star supported the New Order of the Kai at constructing a new monastery on the island. This was not without difficulty, for it was interpreted by local ruler Zultan Zedoli as an act of war. However, Grey Star was able to turn back the invasion with assistance from Lone Wolf and Sommerlund.

Beginning from The Storms of Chai, the Isle of Lorn Monastery is where Grand Master, the protagonist of the New Order series, is based.