Lone Wolf

Kai Monastery is spiritual home and training ground of the Order of the Kai.

The Tower of the Sun is the tallest tower in the Monastery. It contains the Lore Halls, the Kai Master's Hall and the Grandmaster's Hall. The Kai Masters' Hall is a chamber in the Tower of the Sun, positioned above the Lore Hall of the Spirit and below the Grandmaster's Hall. It contains a plain, wooden throne and green pillars. The Grandmaster's Hall is located in the topmost part of the Tower of the Sun.

The order was founded in MS 3810 by a Baron of Sommerlund who later renamed himself Sun Eagle. He set out on a quest to find all the Lorestones of Nyxator and cultivate his inner talents, to the point where he became a Kai, with many superhuman abilities in fighting, his senses, and the ability to cure himself and others. He founded his monastery at the northwestern corner of Sommerlund near the Durcrag Mountains.

During their long history, the First Order was renowned for their defense of Sommerlund, a vastly smaller country against the Darklords vaste hordes. During their time, it became almost a cyclical event of the Darklords attack and their repulsion from Sommerlund, thanks to the Kai. During Darklord Zagarna's war, the first order of the Kai was wiped out. And even after Lone Wolf successfully killed Archlord Zagarna and helped eject his armies from his country, he did not have time to attend to the creation of a new order. While Lone Wolf was sent to defeat the Deathlord of Ixia, other troubles were stirring far away in Sommerlund.