Loi-Kymar is an elder of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. He was captured by Vonotar and held in the icy prisons of the fortress of Ikaya in Kalte. Vonotar meant to use Loi-Kymar's Guildstaff to escape from the Darklords of Helgedad, but found that the staff's secret is held only by Loi-Kymar. Vonotar threatened to murder Loi-Kymar's kinsmen unless he teleported both of them to Kalte, leaving Loi-Kymar with no choice but to agree. Afterwards, Vonotar tortured Loi-Kymar, hoping that he would divulge the secret of the Guildstaff. Knowing that if he divulged the secret to Vonotar, he would be killed, Loi-Kymar chose to resist torture. After being released by Lone Wolf, they manage to track down and defeat Vonotar, retrieve the Guildstaff, and teleport away.

In the Legends of Lone Wolf series, it is revealed that the Brotherhood's magic is split into two levels: a basic level and a more advanced level. Loi-Kymar is familiar with the more advanced second level, while Vonotar only knew the first. Vonotar therefore tried to force Loi-Kymar to teach him the second level of left-handed magic. By threatening to kill an illusion of Loi-Kymar's family, Vonotar was able to get Loi-Kymar to agree to do so eventually. After Vonotar was captured and sentenced to exile, Loi-Kymar imparted the knowledge to Vonotar shortly before he was thrown into the shadow gate, because the code of conduct of the Brotherhood forbid him to lie even when under duress.

Loi-Kymar also taught Banedon the advanced level of left-handed magic.

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