Lone Wolf

Lorestones, also known as the Lorestones of Nyxator, are fictional magical objects created by Nyxator in the gamebooks series Lone Wolf by Joe Dever. They are gems of power containing the wisdom and powers given to Nyxator by the great god Kai. They were created in the year 12,209 MS. With the coming of Agarash the Damned and the death of Nyxator, the Lorestones were lost.

Sun Eagle quested to find the Lorestones to use them to unlock his inner powers given to him by the God Kai. It is with these stones that he became the first Kai Grand Master and founded the Order of the Kai. Lone Wolf, with the aid of the Book of the Magnakai, quested in Sun Eagle's footsteps to find the Lorestones and become a Kai Grand Master. Whenever Lone Wolf found and touched a Lorestone, he would absorb its knowledge and wisdom. Once Lone Wolf became a Kai Grand Master, he recharged the Lorestones when it became physically possible to do so. This process took three years.[1] Because the recharging process takes so long, it is not possible for New Order Kai Masters to acquire mastery of the Magnakai disciplines by touching the Lorestones.

The Lorestones are currently stored in the vault of the Second Order Monastery where Lone Wolf basks in their glow to meditate. They serve as safeguards against his sudden demise.[1]

The names of the Lorestones[]

1) Varetta

2) Herdos

3) Ohrido

4) Tahou

5) Luomi

6) Gamir

7) Vinaldo