Magnakai Disciplines are more advanced versions of the original 10 Kai disciplines which can be studied once a Kai Warrior achieves the rank of Kai Master, they are further built on by Grand Master Disciplines.

Magnakai DisciplinesEdit

In addition to the disciplines, Magnakai also have access to Lore-Circles; completing a Lore-Circle grants additional bonuses to Combat Skill, Endurance, and may have other effects.


As Lone Wolf's rank increases, so does the effectiveness of certain Magnakai Disciplines. These grow on an individual basis, the improvement simply adding to the native powers of the discipline.


Lore-Circles are groupings of Magnakai Disciplines that work synergistically with each other. By completing a Lore-Circle, Lone Wolf will obtain bonuses to Combat Skill and Endurance.

  • Circle of Fire: CS+1, EP+2
    • Huntmastery
    • Weaponmastery
  • Circle of Light: EP+3
    • Animal Control
    • Curing
  • Circle of Solaris: CS+1, EP+3
    • Huntmastery
    • Invisibility
    • Pathsmanship
  • Circle of the Spirit: CS+3, EP+3
    • Divination
    • Nexus
    • Psi-Screen
    • Psi-Surge
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