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Magnamund (pseudo-Latin for 'Great World') is the most important planet in the setting of Lone Wolf. Magnamund is the fulcrum of the struggle between the Lords of Good and Evil—the last world in Aon that has not fallen to the Darkness (under the god Naar) or been rescued by the Light (under the gods Kai and Ishir). The victor of this final planetary conflict wins total domination over Aon. As a planet, Magnamund shares the same solar system as the planets Torm, Bazitto, Cannadom, Plutarnis, Gordonia, Hermidos, Shuna and Ithis.

Maps of various parts of Magnamund were available on the inside front cover of the Lone Wolf books, and the original paintings of these by Joe Dever were made available in 2005 as "Lone Wolf Originals" through Project Aon.[1] Magnamund is notable among fantasy worlds for not being yet another generic Dungeons & Dragons or Tolkienesque world. Notably absent are elves, halflings, goblins, and orcs. The land mass is split into the two continents of Northern Magnamund and Southern Magnamund, separated by the Tentarias strait.


Originally Magnamund comprised one land mass. During the Age of Chaos, when Naar sought to destroy the wise dragon Nyxator, Magnamund was torn asunder, and the Tentarias strait split the land into the two continents of Northern Magnamund and Southern Magnamund. There are many notable geographic features on Magnamund. Features of other worlds and places can also be found here.

The northwestern quarter of Northern Magnamund is the Darklands, a hellish wasteland ruled by the Darklords. It is in this terrible land that the Darklords create their armies and breed creatures of darkness.

The northeastern quarter of Northern Magnamund is the Lastlands, giving rise to the human nations of Sommerlund and Durenor. It is against these bastions of hope that the full might of the Darklords is directed, for if Sommerlund and Durenor should fall, the rest of Magnamund would fall in their wake.

The eastern third of Southern Magnamund is characterized by the Sadi desert and the Shadakine Empire. The tyrannical Shadakine Empire arose under the rulership of Shasarak the Wytch-king to conquer the free states of the south.

Geopolitical sorting[]

Thematic sorting[]

With the exception of Western Tentarias, all of the following groupings are unofficials. The same place may appear in several lists.

Good Allegiance[]
Balance Allegiance[]
  • Anari
  • Bor
  • Casiorn
  • Chai
  • Cincoria
  • Cloeasia
  • Firalond
  • Forlu
  • Halia
  • Illion
  • Kalte
  • Kakush
  • Karnali
  • Kasland
  • Kaum
  • Kelderwastes
  • Klarnos
  • Korli
  • Lara
  • Lissan
  • Lourden
  • Lunarlia
  • Mythan (or Mhytan or Myhtan—several typos on this name makes it hard to know the right spelling)
  • Stornlands
    • Delden
    • Eldenora
    • Lyris
    • Magador
    • Slovia
  • Rezovia
  • Sadi
  • Telchos
  • Vadhuzan
  • Valerion
  • Wildlands
Evil Allegiance[]
  • Ghatan
  • Darklands
  • Ghatan
  • Hammerland
  • Naaros
  • Naogizaga
  • Ogia
  • Ruel
  • Shadaki
  • Skaror
  • Taklakot
Western Tentarias[]
  • Eru
  • Hellswamp
  • Lencia
  • Nyras
  • Nyvoz
  • Zaldir
Hot lands[]
  • Casiorn
  • Cloeasia
  • Vassagonia
Cold lands[]
  • Aztaregina
  • Gourizaga
  • Ixia
  • Tadatizaga
  • Kalte
Drodarin lands[]
  • Bor (Dwarves)
  • Boden (Dwarves)
  • Starn (Giants)
  • Chaman (Kloon)


See Chronology of Magnamund

Historians on Magnamund record history around the creation of the moonstone. Events that happen before the creation of the moonstone are remembered as the number of years before the creation of the moonstone followed by MS (MS = moonstone). Example: the Age of the Dragons started approximately 12209 MS or 12,209 years before the creation of the moonstone. Anything that happens after the creation of the moonstone is recorded as MS followed by the number of years after the creation of the moonstone. Example: Landar is born MS 5036 or 5036 years after the creation of the moonstone. 0 MS or MS 0 is the year the moonstone was created.

Age of the Dragons (12209 MS - 10148 MS)[]

The God Kai sent the first beings to claim Magnamund for good. Nyxator was told by Kai that many of the sea dragons that followed him were turning evil, so in 12750 MS they went on land and created the city of Cynx. In 12209 MS he also created the Lorestones to preserve what he had learned. The false dragons, minions of Naar, waged war on Cynx and destroyed it and succeeded in killing all the sea dragons except Nyxator who fled to the center of the planet in 10148 MS.

Age of Entropy (10148 MS - 9000 MS)[]

Age of Chaos (9000 MS - 6700 MS)[]

Age of War (4608 MS - 3572 MS)[]

In 4608 MS, the Elder Magi appear to challenge Agarash and there began an age of constant war, lasting until 3572 MS with his eternal exile and the destruction of Naaros. In this time too the Doomstones were hidden.

Age of the Old Kingdoms (3572 MS - 1600 MS)[]

Age of Awakening (1600 MS - 0 MS)[]

Golden Age of the Shianti (MS 0 - MS 3004)[]

In MS 3004, the Goddess Ishir appeared to the Shianti and requested that they no longer interfere with events on Magnamund, as it would lead to the triumph of evil. They complied, and thus ended their golden age.

A more in-depth history can be found in the Timeline.


There are many different races of beings who inhabit Magnamund and the otherworlds of Aon.

Real-world references[]

There are several resemblances between the Magnamund and North America:

  • Northern Magnamund corresponds to Canada;
  • Southern Magnamund to the United States;
  • Kalte to Danish Greenland;
  • The Tentarias to the Great Lakes region;
  • The Boradon Mountains to the Rocky Mountains;
  • (Mexico and the Caribbeans have no counterpart).

Furthermore, about Northern Magnamund (Canada):

  • Durenor corresponds to Quebec;
  • The Rymerift to the "language border" between English-speaking and French-speaking Canada;
  • The Gulf of Durenor to the Hudson bay;
  • The Darklands to the North-West Territories;
  • Ixia to US Alaska;
  • The Lakuri Islands to the French St.-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

About Southern Magnamund (United States):

  • The Free Alliance of Southern Magnamund (formerly Shadakine Empire) corresponds to the Thirteen Founder States (formerly part of British Empire);
  • The mystic Isle of Lorn to the British Bermuda islands;
  • Sheasu to the Hawaii.
  • The Azanam peninsula corresponds to Florida;
  • The Gurlu Marshes to Louisiana.