Naar is the name of the god of darkness. Naar appears to be an infinite being, always having existed in conflict with Ishir in a sort of duelistic fighting. It appears from the author, Joe Dever's writing that they are unable to conquer one another, though in the book The Curse of Naar, there is text that indicates that Lone Wolf with his Sommerswerd could smite the dark god, meaning either harm or destroy.

Naar exists on the Plane of Darkness, and from there leads his forces of darkness against the Goddess Ishir and the God Kai, and Lone Wolf on the planet Magnamund. When Lone Wolf encounters him, Naar's appearance is described in the following fashion: "Naar's favored form is a great globular body, like that of a bloated spider, borne by a score of stunted limbs which emerge chaotically from the underside of a sac-like abdomen. His face hangs like a parody of a wrinkled old sow's yet with an evil-smelling black hole where one could expect a snout. The upper surface of his body is covered with pouches of vile fluids that trail wisps of black smoke, and his maw is studded with hundreds of blue-stained fangs. But it is the eyes that shock you most. The Dark God has the eyes of a man." Naar is renounced throughout existence for his ability to create a huge variety of monsters to unleash upon the universe of Aon.

Lord of Evil and god of Darkness. Before Time was, Naar was in conflict with the Lords of Light. He was the one to break the truce with Ishir and start anew the eternal conflict. He manifested himself to the people of a distant planet in the form of a small child. Naar discovered pain while he was on this planet. From then on, he would use it to shape the wills of the people of Aon. In only a short time, the inhabitants of the planet were devoted to the cause of Evil. He then proceeded to annex entire galaxies to his dominion. The King of Darkness succeeded in conquering half of the inhabitable worlds in Aon. Ishir and Kai and the other Lords of Light held the other half. Only Magnamund stood unclaimed...

Relationship to Lone WolfEdit

The activities of Lone Wolf have enraged the Dark God, to the point that, following the fall of the Darklords of Helgedad, he became the most active antagonist in Magnamund against Lone Wolf, which also became an attempt to end his life before he opened the way to goodness beyond the powers of the Kai Grand Master to those of the Kai Supreme Master, and finally prevent him from dominating existence.


"Naar" might be somehow related to nâr which is Arabic for fire — which given the association of fire in the Muslim religion with infernal forces, could well be a rather appropriate name.

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