A silvery metal ring that gleams brightly as if only minutes old. It has a deep yellow stone set into it which glows with an eldritch light. This ring amplifies psychic ability.

Acquisition Edit

Lone Wolf acquires the Psychic Ring in The Cauldron of Fear, after an unavoidable encounter with a Psychic Ghoul. It is implied that the Psychic Ghoul is Aiebek, the son of Maghana (the master of a thieves' guild in the same book).

Lone Wolf is asked to return the ring to Maghana if he finds it, but strangely does not get the opportunity to do so even at the end of the book.

Usage Edit

The Psychic Ring has two main uses. The first is to fight Zakhan Kimah at the end of The Cauldron of Fear. Zakhan Kimah is shrouded in a magical shield, and the Psychic Ring is one of the ways to penetrate the shield. The other use is in The Prisoners of Time, in an unavoidable encounter with Shadow Reavers. Lone Wolf is forced into psychic combat, and the Psychic Ring provides a CS boost.

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