Lord-lieutenant Rhygar is Sommerlund's envoy to Durenor. Born of a Sommlending father and a Durenese mother, this wise and powerful knight meets Lone Wolf in the Consulate of Sommerlund in Fire on the Water and, with three of his best men, escorts the Kai Lord on the 230 mile ride to Hammerdal. However, the party is waylaid by a group of six Helghast mid-route, and scattered. Lone Wolf is forced to flee the terrible battle with Rhygar until they reach the great tunnel of Tarnalin, where the valiant Lord-lieutenant gives him some food and tells him to go on with his mission while he, alone, holds the tunnel entrance against the pursuing Helghast. The player, at this point, has the option of giving Rhygar the only weapon in his possession capable of slaying a Helghast, a Magic Spear.

Later, after Lone Wolf has acquired the Sommerswerd, the sad news is brought to him by Madin Rendalim that Rhygar had fallen in battle with the Helghast.