Lone Wolf

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Sejanoz was the ruler of the Autocracy of Bhanar in Southern Magnamund. He features heavily in Vampirium and The Hunger of Sejanoz. He has ruled Bhanar for over 3000 years. A scarlet flag with a tiger's head is his personal emblem. He is as brutal as he is dangerous. He is sheathed from head to toe in a black and gold armor and a tiger helm conceals his face. His hands are withered and twisted, resembling claws and his skin is wrinkled and cracked. Four long curved needle-like claws of steel sprout from the back of golden bracers that encase his wrists. He is an arm's length taller than an average man.

He is rumoured to be immortal, by trading his soul to Agarash the Damned.

In Vampirium, it is revealed that Sejanoz is afraid of fire. Grand Master takes advantage of this to escape from Sejanoz at the end of the book. Sejanoz is killed in The Hunger of Sejanoz by Grand Master, who was using the Arrow of Atonement, given to him by a hermit.