Shamath is a vain demoness who lives in the Plane of Darkness. Her real name is Gnekasha. She resembles a human female, but is seven meters tall. Although she is strikingly beautiful, her skin has a deathly, corpse-like pallor. She has long flowing black hair and goat-like horns that protrude from her forehead. On Magnamund, she is five times her normal size and power.

Shamath is known for her riddles, and she can be weakened by successfully answering them.

Appearances Edit

Shamath appears twice in the series: in The Legacy of Vashna, and in The Curse of Naar.

The Legacy of Vashna Edit

In The Legacy of Vashna, Arch Druid Cadak tries to summon her to Magnamund. She was to transport the Deathstaff, a weapon created by Naar, to the Maakengorge, and then to use it to resurrect the Darklord Vashna. This was the second attempt to resurrect Vashna, the first having been perpetrated by Barraka (see The Chasm of Doom). Thanks to Lone Wolf the attempt failed. Lone Wolf defeated Shamath in the Plane of Darkness and seized the Deathstaff, which he used to close the shadow gate before Shamath could arrive on Magnamund.

The Curse of Naar Edit

In The Curse of Naar, Lone Wolf travels to the Plane of Darkness to retrieve the Moonstone. He passes through Shamath's domain, the Gates of Darkness, while searching for Naar's inner sanctum, and encounters Shamath again. He discovers that Naar punished Shamath for her failure to resurrect Vashna by having her rival, Avarvae the Tormentress, permanently mar her beauty. Shamath was plotting revenge when Lone Wolf arrived, and had prepared a potion she intended to use on Avarvae. Lone Wolf defeats Shamath again en route to escaping her realm.

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