Shasarak, also known as the Wytch-king, was an evil renegade Shianti who became Overlord of the Shadakine Empire.

In the year MS 3154, the land of Taklakot rose to power following the arrival of the renegade Shianti wizard—Shasarak the Great—who had refused to obey the call to exile of his fellow Shianti brothers. The power of his „sunstone‟ accelerated the evolution of the Taklakotians, but by their own ineptness, its power was eventually misused and brought about the total destruction of their land. It became known as Desolation Valley, and the only city which remained—Gyanima—was shunned by all outsiders due to the curse of a terrible wasting sickness that befell nearly all who dared enter its environs. This disaster also killed their entire race since great fires had rushed through the kingdom and destroyed an entire civilization in a day. Only Shasarak survived, though he was horribly crippled and burnt. Legends still say that the dead spirits of Taklakot roam the forest of Fernmost to this day, seeking vengeance and taking it upon any who enter the forest.

He ruled the province of Shadaki which granted him control of an army of brutal soldiers. He bound his people to demonic worship and set out to create an empire. He waged war on the surrounding provinces and subjugated a large portion of the Southern tip of Magnamund in what became known to the Shadakine as the Old Wars of the Empire. The land they conquered became known as the Shadakine Empire.

The night that he was crowned Overlord was the same night that Grey Star was shipwrecked on the Isle of Lorn. And it was Greystar who recovered the Moonstone that gave him the power to defeat Shasarak and save southern Magnamund.

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