Lone Wolf

In the world of Magnamund, understanding of magic has allowed sages and engineers alike to construct flying vessels, colloquially known as skyships. These are flying vehicles shaped like ships, except that they are endowed with magically powered propulsion devices that allow them to fly.

Known skyships[]

  • Starstrider.png
    Starstrider - A skyship captained by the Crystal Star wizard Acraban (LW Bk XXIII).
  • Skyrider - Banedon's skyship, allegedly won through gambling with her former captain a dwarf.
  • Cloud-dancer - given by the mayor of Casiorn to Lone Wolf (LW Bk XVII), who gave it later to Banedon.
  • The Levitron - a variant of skyship built and used by the Old Kingdom (LW Bk IIX; GS Bk III).
  • Skyfort - Lone Wolf’s personal vessel in The Storms of Chai, which he received as a gift from Guildmaster Banedon two years previously, bigger than Comet.
  • Comet - one of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star’s new fleet of fast aerial vessels in The Storms of Chai, smaller than Skyfort.


Strangely, these ships are usually associated mainly with Ishirite nations: no mention of the Drakkarim or the Darklords using them is present in any of the books preceding The Storms of Chai. Perhaps this is because they (and their successors) prefer the use of Kraan and Zlanbeast riders.