Sommerlund It is a fictional country where the Sommlending, a race of fair skinned people with exceptional fighting ability live in the Northeastern corner of northern Magnamund in the game book series Lone Wolf, written by Joe Dever.

Joe Dever described them as "Nordic" in look.[1] They were created as children to the God Kai.

Sommlending is their native language. Known as the Sommlending, the native peoples of Sommerlund were created by the God Kai and the Supreme Goddess Ishir. They are said to have come from the Northern Void in MS 3434 led by King Kian. They were created in response to the continuous conquests of Magnamund by the Darklords of Helgedad. They were created to have talents beyond that of other peoples, and were gifted to grow even beyond their fortunate births into Kai Lords. They were also gifted with the Sommerswerd, a magical artifact of huge power that can only be wielded by a Sommlending.

The country is situated on the Northern continent of Magnamund in the Northeastern corner. It is a sunlit land of verdant hills, deep forests and rich farmland. Its principal cities are Holmgard, Toran, Anskaven, Tyso, and Ruanon. It had been the Darklords' bane since the time of King Kian.

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