Tagazin in the Dungeons of Torgar

Demonlord Tagazin is a servant to Ixiataaga, the Deathlord of Ixia, and has existed for millenia -- presumably since the time of Agarash the Damned. The supernatural creature is sabre-toothed and jackal-like in appearance with creamy colored skin, a muscular body and knife-sharp talons that extend from hairless paws.


The Kingdoms of TerrorEdit

Lone Wolf first hears tell of Tagazin during an encounter with Roark, Highborn of Amory, while pursuing the first Lorestone in The Kingdoms of Terror. Roark invokes Tagazin's name, which leads to several undead creatures rising from the grave, but the demonlord does not physically manifest.

The Dungeons of Torgar Edit

Lone Wolf first encounters Tagazin in person years later, while he is attempting to reach the Drakkarim fortress of Torgar (and even then, only if his route takes him to the Isle of Ghosts). In the resulting confrontation, we learn that Tagazin is impervious to normal weapons. If Lone Wolf is carrying the Sommerswerd, he can fight Tagazin; otherwise he must avoid direct combat (oddly, the text implies that other magical weapons such as the Dagger of Vashna are also ineffective against Tagazin).

Combat Stats Edit

  • Combat Skill: 45
  • Endurance: 65

The Deathlord of IxiaEdit

Lone Wolf meets Tagazin again during the events of The Deathlord of Ixia, when it is revealed that Tagazin is a minion of Deathlord Ixiataaga. They fight, but the battle ends without a victor when the Ixiataaga loses patience and sends both the Demonlord and the Kai Grand Master tumbling through a Shadow Gate that leads them to the Plane of Darkness. Here, Lone Wolf tracks and battles Tagazin twice more before finally destroying the creature. The trip through the Shadow Gate had severely weakened Tagazin, rendering him vulnerable to normal weapons. He was finally defeated by Lone Wolf, who obtained in the process the means to destroy Ixiataaga upon his return to Magnamund (unless he already has the Sommerswerd).

Combat Stats (first fight) Edit

  • Combat Skill: 55 (approximate, can be lowered with Kai-Surge)
  • Endurance: 60 (approximate, can be lowered with Kai-Surge)

Combat Stats (second fight, with Power Helm) Edit

  • Combat Skill: 55
  • Endurance: 48

For more details about the fight against Tagazin, see the walkthrough.

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