The Caverns of Kalte was the third book of the award-winning Lone Wolf book series created by Joe Dever.

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With this third book, players (readers) will begin to find that having played through the previous books in the series and thus carried characters forward from these books can help to a relatively large extent. Since each book successfully completed grants an additional discipline and mastery level, certain parts of the book are substantially harder without these bonuses. This same theme continues through each Lone Wolf book in a given series, encouraging readers to either play through the previous books multiple times, or resort to "cheating" in some capacity.


After the invasion force of Archlord Zagarna was destroyed, the mage who betrayed Sommerlund escaped to the icy arctic region of Kalte. Lone Wolf has been appointed by the king to seek him out and bring him to justice. This book ends with Lone Wolf defeating a giant sea monster, and defeating Vonotar with the help of the captured magician Loy-Kymar.

An alternate ending occurs if the player does not rescue Loy-Kymar, or if the player is unable to defeat Vonotar's minion in time. In this ending, Vonotar escapes, Loy-Kymar (if rescued) is slain by Vonotar in psychic combat, and the player returns home to regretfully inform his shipmates that his mission has failed. It is the only time in any Lone Wolf book where the story ends without a victory or Lone Wolf's death.


Some had speculated that this would be the end of the book series, but Joe Dever had always planned on writing at least four as part of his book deal, and had already sketched out the first 12.[1]

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  • This is the only book in which you can fail a mission, but not die.
  • At the end of the book Lone Wolf expresses sadness for having to leave the guides who accompanied him behind. This is a possible plot hole: although it is inevitable that you are separated from your guides, it's possible that they were still alive when you are separated.


  • Gamebook of the Year 1987


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