Vashna, also known as Darklord Vashna, was the leader of the Darklords and their most powerful member. Vashna has prismatic, faceted eyes that let him see a rainbow of different colors. He has a furry snouted face with a helical horn juts from his forehead. His arms and snout are covered in luxuriant hair and his hands seem to be made of jointed, metal, sharp claws which curve evilly backwards from each finger. The number ninety one was that of Vashna which he chose because of its factors, seven and thirteen. Seven to signify the everlasting death in life and life in death he possesses and thirteen to denote the power of evil at his command.

Arrival on MagnamundEdit

After the departure of the Shianti, the Age of the Black Moon began with the arrival of the 20 Darklords created by the evil God Naar. Vashna soon achieved mastery over the others and launched the War of Desecration, succeeding in conquering vast portions of the Northern Continent and exterminating multiple races. He took the title of Archlord in MS 3192. He was the architect of Helgedad and eight other colossal fortress-cities.


The Sommlending, lead by King Kian, stopped their total conquest of Magnamund and took the land that was to become Sommerlund. Vashna swore vengeance on Sommerlund for his first defeat. He initiated the Helghast Wars in retaliation, but the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star helped turn the tide against the shape-shifting hordes. In the last battle of the Helghast Wars, Ulnar I and his armies drove the Darklord army to the brink of the Maakengorge. There, Ulnar I cursed Vashna with the Sommerswerd and dispersed Vashna's atoms to the ends of Aon. It is said that Vashna and his army's spirits are still in the Maakengorge, waiting to be summoned to obtain vengeance against Sommerlund and the house of Ulnar.

First attempted resurrectionEdit

Using a magical artifact known as the dagger of Vashna, agents of Naar, lead by the Vassagonian renegade Barraka, conspired to use the knife to sacrifice Madelon, daughter of Baron Vanalund (who was the lord of Ruanon), in order to resurrect Vashna and his army. Lone Wolf succeeded in thwarting this scheme, and has the option of using the dagger later as a weapon.

Second attempted resurrectionEdit

The Dark God Naar created another magical object known as the Deathstaff that was to be used by Archdruid Cadak to raise Vashna from the dead. This attempt ended Cadak's life and was also thwarted.

Third Attempted Resurrection? Edit

Various events described in the timeline leading up the beginning of The Storms of Chai, like an earthquake lengthening the Maakengorge by more than 25 miles and numerous Acolytes of Vashna making a sacred pilgrimage to the site in the aftermath, may hint at Vashna nearing his awakening.

Notes Edit

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