Whereas Weaponskill grants +2 Combat Skill with a weapon of choice, the Magnakai Discipline of Weaponmastery grants +3 Combat Skill with the selected weapons of choice. The bonus from Weaponmastery supercedes that of Weaponskill; they don't stack. Lone Wolf starts with three proficiencies and gains one more with each advanced rank.

The Kai and Grand Master versions of this discipline are Weaponskill and Grand Weaponmastery.

Rank BonusesEdit

  • Tutelary: The loss of Combat Skill when fighting unarmed is reduced to 2, rather than 4.
  • Mentora: Gain +2 to any Random Number Table check involving a missile weapon, including Bows.
  • Scion-kai: Adds 4 to Combat Skill instead of the usual 3.
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