Lone Wolf

Xaol small.png

A gaunt necromancer with a shaven head and dark eyes. He was a thin man with pale skin. Grand Master encounters and kills Xaol in Trail of the Wolf. Just before dying, Xaol vows to return from the dead to wreak vengeance on Grand Master. This seemingly happens immediately after his death, as Xaol's body is possessed by Zorkaan, resulting in a second fight, at the end of which Grand Master's final blow severs Xaol's body into two pieces.

Xaol's story did not end there however. In The Storms of Chai, Xaol's battered body is reanimated by the Nadziran sorcerer Zashnor. Although the damage Grand Master had inflicted on his body is severe and he was only able to hobble around with difficulty, he was no less determined to avenge himself on Grand Master. In the ensuing fight, Grand Master decapitates him, and his body crumbles to dust.


Trail of the Wolf:[]

  • Combat skill: 50 (with Serpent Rod)
  • Endurance: 40

Trail of the Wolf (after being possessed by Zorkaan, 3 rounds only):[]

  • Combat skill: 55
  • Endurance: 43

The Storms of Chai[]

  • Combat skill: 50 (reconstructed undead, with Serpent Rod)
  • Endurance: 50